Feng Shui For The Seasons: The Season Of Winter

With winter solstice upon us (December 21, 2020) the season of winter holds many meanings and opportunities to reflect and rest before the coming Spring Equinox in March. One of my life’s most poignant moments came on a winter evening when I was sixteen and living in Michigan where I was born and grew up.  Our family had finished dinner. My mother and sister were busy cleaning and washing the dishes–it was my sister’s turn to help.  My brothers went

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Feng Shui for the Seasons: The Season of Fall

I love autumn. Growing up in the midwest with an active, athletic family, I loved, and still love, being in the beauty of autumn: the crunching sound of fallen leaves under my feet, the smell of a burning fire, cashmere sweaters, and football season. Fall is a time for gathering.  It is also a time for shedding as leaves start falling off the trees in preparation for winter hibernation.  Nature gets quieter, sunsets are softer. If we take our clues from

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Addiction To Clutter

We all have addictive behaviors. According to dictionary.com, addiction is described as: “the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma”. Sound familiar? Ever try going off coffee? Ever try to stop working-out at the gym so much? Ever try to stop spending money on aimless shopping? Or how about food, surfing the internet. And then there is clutter. With clutter,

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The Summer Solstice (begins June 21) is almost upon us. Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year and heralds in color, play, active and light-filled, summer days. I love the mood of summer.

This month’s article is about what to do after one is organized. Don’t worry if you’re not actually organized because by moving in the direction of visualizing being organized is the first step of actual organization. But remember: being organized gives you the gift of time. The question becomes: what will you do with this time?

Happy Summer!

With Harmony,


Many times after I’ve helped a client organize a beautiful, functional space they’ll ask, “ok, now what”?Being organized, knowing where things go, being able to find things, and having a “to do” list of priorities is one thing, but taking action on these priorities is another challenge altogether. Before taking action comes the very key step of “thinking or processing”.

Here’s how it works:

Step #1: Make your “to do list” then prioritize what needs to be done.

Step #2: Within each priority think about how long it will take you to actually get the priority accomplished and if you need to drive somewhere include drive time. Visualize the process you’ll use for getting your priority done. List any supplies, inventory, or additional resources you’ll need to execute.


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Need Help with Daily Lifestyle and Priority Planning?

One of the tools I’ve used to help with daily lifestyle and priority planning is called The Day Launcher. It’s colorful, fun and really
helps me stay focused. The Day Launcher will teach you:

  1. How to rewire your brain for awesomeness (reading books and attending seminars have little to do with it)!
  2. What the world’s best athletes, musicians, and writers do daily to achieve excellence that you probably don’t
  3. A simple, 7-Step process that creates powerful changes in your life naturally – without willpower!

To find out more about this productivity tool click here.

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