“Our family was blessed to have found Bethany to guide us through a life transforming journey. She brought wisdom, generosity, patience, and tons and tons of empathy to the work she embarked upon with my mother.”

Lisa W, San Jose, CA

“Your excellence has been a positive reflection on me.”

— Steve A., Real Estate Agent, Fremont, CA

“Bethany showed a real talent for assessing our needs with our office space and creating pleasant and economical solutions.”

Darya G, San Francisco, CA

“I recently hired Bethany St. Clair to help me get my “bachelor pad” ready for some company. I found her to be perceptive, intuitive, and very attuned to inner, as well as the outer environment. She knows how to move and release energy for maximum results. With her help and suggestions, I was able to release old and negative energy from my home, and make room/space for more love in my life. The process was really about my loving myself and realizing I was deserving of and able to manifest my goals and dreams. I was successful in creating a welcoming environment in my home, and highly recommend Bethany to anyone looking to improve their life by focusing on the environment they are living in and improving it in subtle, and sometimes not so subtle ways. She is perfectly matched for what she has chosen to do, and very skillful, personable, yet professional in her approach.”

Chris C, Berkeley, CA

“Of all the Feng Shui consultants we have met with (and there have been several), Bethany St. Clair is by far the most attuned. Not only was she exquisitely attuned to the energy of our home and what would be needed in terms of Feng Shui placement to optimize our lives in the room, but she was also highly attuned to us.

Bethany has a way of honoring the best of what is already there—both in the home and its inhabitants—so that you feel appreciated, supported, and uplifted. Her knowledge of the Feng Shui technology is vast, yet it is put forth gently, as if she has so digested the knowledge that she can make you and your abode the main feature. Since, in our case, we began with the bedroom, which also houses a home office, you could say that we started our work with Bethany from a fairly vulnerable place. We needn’t have worried; Bethany held us in her heart as she made Feng Shui suggestions that would turn out to feel wonderful and would change the energy of the space in a very positive way.

Although we haven’t actually finished carrying out all her suggestions in the bedroom, the effects having moved the bed and dresser, cleared out unnecessary possessions, and followed other of her wise recommendations are already palpable. There is a restful feeling now just on entering the room, and getting in bed at night is more of a treat. I would recommend Bethany to anyone who is seeking not only a Feng Shui makeover, but also the experience of being held in a clear and loving way.”

Naomi Rose and Ralph Dranow

[Naomi Rose: writer and book developer and publisher (www.rosepress.com); Ralph Dranow: writer, editor, and memoir/autobiography mentor and ghostwriter (www.yourlifestorymatters.com)]

“Bethany’s work is amazing. I had been having a difficult time with a downstairs neighbor who smokes cigarettes incessantly for 2 years… it wasn’t just the smoke wafting up, but her “energy” wafting up as well.Also, I have a really small apartment and it’s a challenge feel like it’s roomy enough and things are in the right place. Bethany came over for two hours, and re-arranged the entire living room with me–only getting rid of one chair–and it feels like a whole new home. She is totally intuitive and feng shui-ed the whole thing, putting furniture where I never would have thought to. It’s more spacious and more comfortable here. She also did this space clearing in the whole apartment, getting rid of old energy from past residents, clearing energy from the woman below me. She told me to drink a ton of water afterward. I did.

My home now has this warm glow. My boyfriend comes over more. And the woman in the apartment below seems to be smoking outside now, for the first time since I’ve lived here. Huh! I totally adore Bethany now and highly recommend her for organization, feng shui, and particularly clearing anything you want to move through in your home.”

Alica D., Oakland, CA

“Bethany St. Clair helped me during my recent move to Marin County. I knew that I needed help in organizing my furniture, but I did not originally recognize that I needed help in decluttering my belongings too. Bethany has a magical way of seeing possibilities in the things you own. She is somehow able to arrange them in a way that helps energy flow and creates beauty. I bought very few new things, yet feel as if I have an entirely different home environment. She gently nudged me to consider giving away old belongings.

She somehow understood what made me tick, to know what would work for me. It was wonderful to have her help while moving to a new place. She made what can be a lonely experience a fun adventure. The price I paid was low when I look at the value I received. I love coming home now. I am proud of my home and like being here. It’s interesting because home feels so comfortable, like an old favorite shoe, but it also feels like a 5 star spa experience at the same time. She’s awesome at what she does, and I highly recommend her.”

Barb B., Mill Valley, CA

“Bethany St. Clair, the owner of St. Clair Organize and Design, is the perfect person to help you make your home feel like a real home. She is extremely knowledgeable about feng shui and interior design, with an intuitive sense of the right aesthetic detail,, color, location, shape, etc. In addition, she is sensitive to her clients’ concerns and listens well.

First, she helped my wife and me begin to transform our bedroom. Bethany suggested rearranging the location of our bed and my desk and getting rid of a lot of clutter, so that the bedroom would begin feeling more like an actual bedroom. She left us with a template of what needed to be done, and there are still other changes we can make, but already the energy in the bedroom seems to flow more freely. And in the dining room and living room, her suggestion of switching the location of the piano and bookcases has made a big difference. Everything seems to flow more freely in these two rooms. Again, she left us with a plenitude of helpful suggestions that we hope to implement soon. Bethany is an artist of interior design, thorough, perceptive, open-minded, sensitive to beauty, with a passion for her subject.”

Ralph D., Oakland, CA

“I live in a beautiful apartment, and people really like it. But, somehow, I was also having trouble being productive here — it just felt stale. Fortunately for me, I found Bethany St. Clair. She worked her feng shui magic, and helped me rearrange the entire place. And since then, every person who comes over says, “WOW! What a beautiful place!” She definitely has a magic touch. Oh, and she’s a total delight to work with. And that stale feeling? Her “space clearing” work is utterly profound. Totally gone, immediately, and it became easy to get things done!”

Jonathan B., Oakland, CA

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