Space Clearing


Have you ever been in a location or space that gives you the creeps; the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you get a chill down your spine? Or conversely, have you ever been in a location or space where you walk in and think “it feels so good in here” and words like “warm and inviting” “cozy” “energetic” or “peaceful” come to mind? If so, you are sensitive to the energy of a space. We all have this sensitivity but some of us are more tapped into the feeling of a space than others.

If you are feeling stuck in your life or are in transition you may want to consider space clearing out the old energy to make room for the new energy. Some examples of transition are: marriage/divorce, starting/ending a relationship, overcoming an illness/desire to stay healthy, death/birth, new job/lost job, new lover, or having the desire to feel great and wake up knowing life is full of possibility!

Space clearing can be done with a single room or an entire home, or workspace, or business. The old energy is cleared out to make room for the new energy to come in. If your current space is clutter-free then space clearing is the final step to allowing the energy you intend to come to you.

People hire me to rearrange their space because they: