Feng Shui For The Seasons: The Season Of Winter

With winter solstice upon us (December 21, 2020) the season of winter holds many meanings and opportunities to reflect and rest before the coming Spring Equinox in March.

One of my life’s most poignant moments came on a winter evening when I was sixteen and living in Michigan where I was born and grew up.  Our family had finished dinner. My mother and sister were busy cleaning and washing the dishes–it was my sister’s turn to help.  My brothers went off to their room to do homework, and dad went off to watch television. I felt like going outside and walking through the neighborhood.  It was such a peaceful evening.  A silent snow was gently falling as the street lights reflected in the sparkling snowflakes. With each step I could hear the snow crunching under my boots. My heart welled up with gratitude and appreciation for having a sane functional family, a roof over my head, warm meals to come home to, and then looking up at the houses, a safe neighborhood for I knew there were those less fortunate than me. Looking back, it was such a moment of purity and love; seeing the stillness, the softness, and the curves of winter white.

Below are some tips for feng shui in the winter season:


  • we rest, our body chi slows down, and our hair grows slower
  • nature is sleeping and resting
  • feminine energy becomes more enhanced: our intuition, our inner space
  • the element reflected in winter energy is water


  • complete crafting projects or book reading before you begin new ones
  • start new books or crafting projects
  • join a book club or other gathering
  • listen to soft, soothing music


  • get massages or other well-being treatments in the winter
  • go for walks under the Full Moon light
  • concentrate on your “inner space” see suggestions above under SPACE
  • the sensitive internal parts of the body during the winter are organs such as: the bladder, kidneys, and adrenals.
  • watch for burnout, nervous exhaustion and muscle tension which are all characteristics of water imbalance
  • watch for fear-based emotions.  When we spend more time indoors, we tend to think more.  Think positive thoughts or fear can easily take over.
  • go to bed a half-hour earlier, your body will love the rest!


  • Colors represented in winter energy are darker colors of blue, purple, and of course, black.  Black is an attractor color which means the energies of the space you are in will be attracted to black.  Think of this like a fly on fly paper. If you wear black and you are around positive people with self-confidence this will attract more of this type of energy to you.  Ever notice high-level people in meetings or cocktail parties typically wear black?  Conversely, if you are in a space with negative and fear-based energy and wear black, more negative and fear energy of the space will stick to you.

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