Spring Feng Shui for Your Home: A Time of Renewal

April, 2022

Spring Feng Shui for Your Home: A Time of Renewal

If you’re interested in Feng Shui and how the season of Spring effects the body and health please read my previous blog titled “Feng Shui for the Seasons: The Season of Spring.”

In April’s blog we’ll look at things one can do to prepare your home for the Spring season.

Spring is all about freshness, color, and vibrant energy. As we come out of winter our pace is a bit faster, we are more active and our daylight becomes longer.

Depending on where you live, set aside time to put away winter items when the climate changes. This would include winter clothing, winter sports equipment, etc. Bring forward seasonal sporting equipment, etc. Look around your garage and make these transitions for the new season. Put your gardening equipment all together so it is ready to use.

For the inside of your home open windows and allow the fresh air of Spring to enter. Dust off your windows and window sills. When your windows sparkle and shine you give honor to the inside of your home. Clear and clean your entryway both inside and out. This is the first impression people have of your home. It is where all energy in the home begins and why in Feng Shui we call the entry, “the mouth of the chi.”

Purchase some fresh flowers, or cut wildflowers from outdoors and put them in a location where you can see them as you enter your home. But never flowers or plants in the bedroom! Plants have the wood element which can be inflexible and upright. Plants also require water, so the water element may affect the occupant depending on how sensitive one is. Please note: in some schools of Feng Shui, having plants in the bedroom is considered good chi. Notice how you feel with plants in your bedroom and you make the choice.

“Spring Cleaning” is reflective of the energy of Spring—renewal. Try rearranging your furniture in your living room, vacuum behind the sofas and other places. Change out your decor items such as sofa pillows, etc to the colors of spring that you love. Go room by room. Dust, dust, dust. Release any clothing or items you no longer use or donate them. By staying in the flow of Spring, your rooms will feel lighter and fresher. You may even notice a sparkle as you look around after cleaning.

Go through your office and release papers or file papers instead of leaving them out. Every paper should have a place. Better yet, go digital.

Lastly, look in your refrigerator. Fill it with seasonal foods. Eat lighter and drink lots of fresh water. Watch how your skin glows and your body feels invigorated.

Take moments each day to honor your home for a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, and blankets to keep you warm. As we are all aware, there are people in the world who have nothing. Please be grateful.

“Despite the forecast, live like it’s Spring.” – Lily Pulitzer

With Harmony,