July 2013: Resistance to Change

Change is a constant part of our Universe and everything in it.  We experience the change of the seasons, change tires, change diapers, change jobs, change partners, and more.

Centuries ago, we had the amazing ability to create constancy in a world of change.  This is how we survived.  As societies strived to hold things in place while wars were declared and power changed hands, humans strived vigorously to hold on to what little constancy they could.  Fast forward.  Today we hold onto things while we strive to experience change.  However, the changes we experience are so small we don’t notice them until something drastic occurs, like death, illness, loss of a house or job, etc.  We actually fight to hold onto and control things because our mind tells us by doing so will create a feeling of comfort.  And we think this feeling of comfort will hold us in place when actually the opposite is true.  We become “comfortably uncomfortable”.

Centuries ago, we changed with nature, we prepared with nature’s seasons, we were in alignment with nature and we celebrated with nature.  We worked outdoors, we traveled by land, and we played outdoors.  Today most of our jobs are indoors, we travel in planes or automobiles, and there is so much predictibility in our days that we have become attached to comfortability and we have lost our creativity.  The irony is that in the past we worked to create constancy in our lives; now we work to create change.

Human beings have a rich desire to handle changes in creative ways.  We do not desire constancy yet we have settled in a society that enables static lifestyles–until now.

We are living in the most incredible times of change in the history of mankind.  Look at what is going on in the world.  Change is everywhere and its coming quickly.  My guess is that in ten years, half of what we own will be obsolete.

So take a look around your home, your office.  Let go of items that haven’t been used in more than one year.  Let go of old ideas that are no longer serving you.  Be open to change enough so that change stretches you out of your comfort zone but know that you don’t have to be afraid of it.  The acronym for FEAR is “False Expectations Appearing Real”.

When you let things go, you make room for new things to come in.

Here are five things you can begin to do right now to open the door for change:

  1. Change a habit (start small). Perhaps clearing off your desk every night, or eliminating one bad item from your diet every day and adding a new green item.
  2. Change a routine. For example, when you get out of bed every day—feel joyful!  Practice this.
  3. Get out in nature.  Period.  Listen to the sounds, inhale the smells, feel the softness.  Everything works in harmony in nature.  This is how we are supposed to be. Schedule time each week to BE in nature.
  4. Feed your creative juices.  Take an art class, learn to play that instrument you’ve always wanted to, etc.
  5. Work on your relationships: with your partner, your community, your family, yourself.  When you love yourself fully and with kindness, you become a beacon of light for others.  

What we resist, persists.  Change makes us stronger.  Change gives us courage.

Quote of the Month

“Let the beauty of what you love, be who you are”.  –Rumi

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