Master Bedroom Feng Shui

After Feng Shui
Before Feng Shui


Here is a “before” photo on the left and “after” photo on the right taken from the entrance of the master bedroom.  Notice in the “before” photo, the position of the bed headboard is on the same wall as the entry door.  This is a no-no because you can’t see who is entering the bedroom from this position.  Notice how cluttered the bedroom feels from the entry, not very warm and inviting.  Another big no-no in the master bedroom is having a mirror, especially a mirror facing the bed!  This is like having a third person in the bedroom.  Lastly, a television in the master bedroom creates separation between the partners.  Ask yourself:  is my relationship with the TV at night, or my partner?  Whatever the answer, the television needs to go.  Master bedrooms are for sleeping, and restoring sexual balance.


  1. The bed reversed to the opposite side of the room called the command position, now the occupants can see who is entering the bedroom.
  2. TV is removed!!
  3. Mirror is removed.
  4. Pink flowers in pink vase are located in the relationship area of the bedroom, that is, the far back righthand side of the bedroom. Another tree is added for earth energy. Live plants add healthy oxygen to a room.
  5. The bed is grounded and balanced with matching table lamps on both sides of the bed.

Now the view from the doorway is calmer and balanced.


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