Feng Shui for Your Health, Unity and Your Well Being

In Feng Shui, the health area of any space or room is located in the center. For example, look at your home from a bird’s eye view, the center is most likely defined with a support beam, wall, or closet. Pay attention to this area. Is the closet cluttered? Is this a drop zone for your miscellaneous inventory? Does stuff accumulate throughout the week? If so, be ruthless in keeping this area well-organized.

With Decor
Clutter Free

When the center of a space is clutter free, ideas flow more easily and air flows more freely. The center of a room is often a focal point and sets the tone for a space. We often get an immediate feeling for the person and the entire space.

Look at your master bedroom and note what is in the middle of the bedroom especially if there is furniture such as: a bench, ottomans, or a chair at the end of the bed. Make sure this area is clutter free and not used as a drop zone for unfinished tasks or things that don’t have a place to go. When you enter the room you’ll feel lighter. The room will be more inviting and restful, and you’ll sleep better.

You can also note other areas such as: the center of your vehicle, the center of your living room (often where the coffee table is located), etc. Note: it is ok to have inventory or furniture in the center of a room simply keep it organized and clutter free. You’ll notice a big difference in how you feel. (See photos above).

In Feng Shui there are eight life areas positioned around the Health area. Imagine seeing a wheel with Health, Unity, and your Well Being in the center. Each of these eight areas are governed by: a color and a part of the body. Additionally, the top, bottom, left, right and center locations are also associated with a number, an emotion, a shape, and an element. Since we’re discussing the Health area or the center area let’s see what the space (center) represents:

  • The color associated with center of a space is yellow (any shade).
  • The body part associated with center is the stomach and the spleen.
  • The numbers associated with the center are: 2,5,8.
  • The emotion associated with the center is Calm.
  • The shape associated with the center is a Square.
  • The element associated with center of a space is Earth.

By using this information you can enhance your Health, Unity, and Well Being with these colors, shapes, and elements. Also, if you are having stomach and spleen problems, look and see what is in the center of each room. Include your vehicle and garage. You may want to consider your land or backyard as well. I would recommend looking in the center of all your areas and keep them well organized.

The Center of Your Space
Health, Unity, and Well Being

Yellow and earth-toned colors

defined by
Earth Elements
Square Shapes

for improving
Stomach and the Spleen
feeling Calm.

With Harmony,