Feng Shui For The Seasons: The Season Of Spring

Feng Shui Season SpringAh, Springtime!  The time of new beginnings, new opportunities.  Outdoors everything smells fresh and clean and wonderful bursts of color are arriving. The energy is alive and new.  I believe some of the world’s greatest poetry was written in the Spring, and some of the world’s greatest perfumes were created in the Spring.

Below are some tips for feng shui in the Spring season:


  • the growth of our body and head hair speeds up
  • we tend to make more new friends in the springtime
  • the time when things, nature, and life propel forward
  • the time of romance


  • try rotating your furniture to give it a fresh look
  • change out your decorator pillows in a room to something more colorful to freshen and uplift your space
  • this is a great time to do some house cleaning and organizing, especially the refrigerator
  • start your spring gardening, grow indoor herbs if you have no garden


  • like all of the seasonal beginnings, start Spring with a good body detox.
  • schedule time to be outdoors more, join an outdoor group:  hiking, golf, cycling,  yoga, etc.  In other words, start moving!
  • in Ayurvedic medicine, Spring is the time to alkalize our bodies by using bitter foods and herbs such as:  Romaine lettuce, spinach, chard and fresh Tumeric root.  This helps to clear out allergy-creating mucus.
  • include in your diet chlorophyll-rich foods: parsely, cabbage, sea vegetables, etc.  these will cleanse out the liver and balance our intestinal tract.  Sipping ginger tea, lemon teas, and dandelion root tea will gently cleanse our lymphatic system.
  • encourage emotions of laughter, but never at the expense of another.  Laughter opens up the lungs and rejuvenates cellular growth.
  • wear color!  feel the joy of life through color.


Spring colors include vibrant and pure shades of green, royal blues, or anything you see in nature at this time of year.  Simply go outside and look at the blooming flowers and hues.  Take time to have freshly cut indoor flower bouquets to reflect the season:  magnolia on the branch, jasmine, tulips, etc.  all add to the vibrancy and new beginnings of this marvelous season.  Enjoy!

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