Alone for the Holidays? Feng Shui Solutions

Society has created somewhat of a paradigm, mostly through commercialization, that the holidays are about spending, gluttony, and the like. Society often messages us, that, to be alone means being lonely, yet nothing can be further from the truth. Feeling lonely can occur in the most crowded of places and spaces. When we feel lonely, our energetic vibration is lower and out of balance. With some helpful Feng Shui tips below you can raise the vibration of your space, which helps you raise your own vibration.

1.  Consider making a list of everything that you are grateful for.  Include your accomplishments from the year.  Even the things we take for granted can and should be mentioned; like having running water.  You can handwrite the list on beautiful stationery or in a notebook.  Or you can type the list on the computer and keep an electronic file from previous years.  Add your own graphics and themes to make you feel uplifted.  Sometimes we get so busy we forget what makes us feel uplifted.  Living in gratitude is a habit.

2.  Add your favorite color inside your home at holiday time. Tradition suggests red. However, blue, green, gold, silver, white are also options. You can add color by gathering live greens from the outdoors and make beautiful floral arrangements.

3.  What are the scents that make you feel warm and cozy? What are the sounds that make you feel in the holiday spirit? There are wonderful 24/7 videos on that feature a video of a fireplace with crackling sounds of the fire while playing holiday music. For scents, consider using candles, make your own potpourri over the stove, or find a bunch of scented pine cones. Be creative.

4. Didn’t get invited to a party? Have your own party. Invite neighbors, and friends, or simply hang out with yourself and watch your favorite holiday movie.

5.  Volunteer and give. Nothing raises one’s vibration than being in service to others. Instead of a gift, practice the art of giving. Your presence is a gift in itself. Give a smile, a nod of encouragement, or showing support. Give a gesture of kindness.

6. Most important is to “know thyself.” Do you enjoy reading a book? Going for a hike? Baking and cooking a meal? Organizing your closet or office? Cleaning? Working out? Obviously, you’ll want to stay away from addictive behaviors that aren’t healthy for you. The better you know what makes you feel uplifted, the higher your vibration and mood will be.  You’ve got this!

Enjoy this holiday season!